Aarthi plate & Best dressed girl for Navratri contests

The entries in both categories are published, and the voting option will be available in a few more minutes. In the meantime, we would like to know if we are missing any entries. In case you'd uploaded it in the site, and are not able to view it in both categories, please contact us.

Contests pages are accessible from the top menu - Contests.

Thank you.


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Oh sorry lata...missed to see this page...shall wait till d options r ready...:)

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Ahaa, I am so glad I voted for all in this category. Lata thank you dear for giving us such wonderful cutiepies to see and wonderful arthi plates.

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All the girls look beautifully clad and radiate happiness. Once again, it is the parents who are going to be awarded for their creativity. I have a philosophical digression, though. At this young age, is it necessary to sow the seeds of unhappiness in their young minds about winning and losing? All young children of that age must be awarded prizes for participation without a winner or a loser. I don't know why boys don't find any place in this event. Are boys not beautiful when nicely dressed, say as Krishna or even as Radha? I am only thinking loudly to elicit other comments. These are not intended as a criticism against the organisers or the participants or their parents. Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks for your suggestions, but, it would've been better if you would've made your suggestions a few days earlier. Smile

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When we decided to run such a contest, we also had a plan to end it in a high note! Smile

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The voting is closed and the results are going to be posted tomorrow.

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Looks like there are a few more members trying to upload for the best-dressed-girl contest. We would like to remind you that the contests and the voting got closed yesterday. But, you are welcome to share your pictures as "Photos" if you really want to. Please use the - Upload Photo option to share pictures.