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Margazhi dew drops kolam contest 2011

Hi all, there are 35 members participating in this chikku kolam contest. We’ve published all the entries that were received, along with the dot structure. The dots can be viewed by clicking on the “dots” option from the menu of the kolam. Here are all the much awaited contest entries! Enjoy, comment, and VOTE! Smile

Voting guidelines:

Top voters and commenters

Thank you for your continued support to iKolam and its members.

We are pleased that there are few members who took the time out to vote as well as comment for majority of iKolam contest entries. As a token of appreciation, we are now creating an express lane just for our "top voters and commenters". The turn around time for rangoli publishing for these members is 24 hours!

Hey Jaanu ...

In all the years that we have run the contest at iKolam, you were the first one to complain about voting improprieties. Our system depends on the honesty of the members.

BTW, we hate to do this. But here is a dump of the votes cast by members with questionable status, and they all happen to be on entry 181 and 182 - both are your entries!


Weighted score of Diwali contest

Here is the weighted score of the rangoli results. It doesn't change the outcome of the winning entry, although there are some changes in the placements, according to the votes received. The top entries in both the lists are more or less the same. And we must add that the weighted score can get skewed too. It all depends on how you slice and dice it. Smile

Rangoli contest - names of participants

Here are the names of the participants. We've marked a few of the submissions as "maybe" because we're not sure if these are for the contests. We're still waiting for the confirmation from some of our potential participants. Please contact us if you are a participant, and you don't see your name here, and upload (or re-upload) your image.
Contest rangolis are displayed here:

Server issues

This is the time of the year when the iKolam server comes under severe stress. Some members have emailed me personally and some have posted online about connection issues. Some received "Access denied" messages for certain pages. To alleviate the situation, we have disabled certain provisions of the server (like Account/Track, which burdens the server quite a bit). Hopefully this should enable us to get through this season.