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Contest results

Here are the Golu contest and the Marapachi doll contest 2010 results:

Ms.Jyothy Padmanabhan wins the golu contest.

Marapachi doll-decor contest results:

Mr.Jayasimha Rangarajan wins the Marapachi doll decor contest.


We'll be posting the complete results in a day or two.

Navrathri contests

We're getting into the spirit of celebrating Fall festivals, the first being Navratri - festival of the Goddesses. Many of our members celebrate Navratri with great fervor, by putting up a traditional display of dolls, popularly called as "Golu". Last year, our Marapachi doll decor contest was a huge hit with our members. Inspired by their enthusiasm, we're conducting both Marapachi doll decor contest, and Golu contest, for this year.

The image links from the right vertical bar on the front page gives you more details.

Regarding collages

A few members had uploaded rangoli/kolam collages, which are still waiting to be published. The problem with these type of collages is that they happen to be made up of both freehand and dotted type of rangolis. We would appreciate it if the freehand rangolis are kept separate from the dotted kolams when it comes to making collages. Thank you.