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Veggie-patch rangolis

The veggie-patch rangolis are published. There are three unclickable tags in the veggie patch for the following names; Lata (onion), Anirudh (cucumber), Rajam (bittergourd), Diya (fruits), and Rajitha (okra). They may or may not lead to images in the future. Smile But other than those, we should all be able to see the rest of the submissions without any problems.

Garden in full bloom!

The "Let's get growing" flower and butterfly rangolis have been published. Please click on the flower-labels to see the preview of the rangoli. The butterfly tags should lead you to the butterfly rangolis. If you have submitted more than a few rangolis, there might still be one or two rangolis saved up for publishing sometime next week. Since there are more than twenty rangolis, we wouldn't be publishing any more rangolis for this week. I'm sure the fragrance and the sight of these garden beauties is going to keep you too busy for the entire week!

Rangoli business

If you are interested in getting paid for making rangolis as part of wedding-hall decor, then
please contact us at

We'll keep your contact information handy, to pass on to people who might be interested in your business.
ikolam would be happy to take a 10% to 15% commission, for playing its part. Smile


This is just a friendly warning letting our members know that unfortunately or fortunately, some of our members' butterflies have been hijacked by the iKolam white butterflies. Please don't hold us responsible because we have nothing to do with this. In fact, this is our members' fault, since they are the ones who made their butteflies extremely beautiful and attractive! Smile

Chat is online!

We are introducing a chat facility for our long term members on a trial basis. The chat room will be open from 10:00pm PST (10:30am IST) to 10:00AM PST (10:30pm IST).

If you see this icon in the main page, then you have access to the chat room. Click on the icon to enter the chat room.

Site work

We have pending site-work to be taken care of in the next couple of days. Creating Gallery-folders for the new members who have posted since last month, is one such job. Site might be offline due to maintanance for a few hours either on Friday or Saturday. Also, if you have more than one rangoli uploaded in the queue, please kindly wait to upload more until your images are published. Thank you.