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Layout of main page

The main page of the site has been redone. Let us know if you experience any difficulties in browsing. The Arts and crafts section has been reorganized too. The rest of the site has not been changed and no changes were made to your gallery pages. And, this is a work in progress...

Thank you.

Emails and space issues

Hello members,
Some of our members had emailed their contest rangolis to the wrong email id. We just recently discovered it.
Please do not mail your querries to, because we do not use it. I thought we had made it clear that images for the contests were supposed to be uploaded directly to the site. The subsequent emails went unanswered too, because we don't check/use mail@ikolam. There was a disappointed contest-participant who emailed me recently to let us know the email he/she had used to send the entries.

Members who had space constraints should now have some space in their accounts.

Site maintenance

The site is due for its maintenance work. Please bear with the inconvenience.

Sunday 10:15 pm Update

After working over the weekend, we have the site finally up. I will update in detail about the downtime tomorrow. For now, things are back online. If you notice something out of line, please drop me a line.

Monday 9:00 am Update

We have upgraded to a new server, as we had serious problems with our old server. However, there are a few issues we have to work with in the meantime. Members can upload images as usual, but we do anticipate minor problems until we complete the entire migration process with the site.

Tuesday 7:30 am Update

Our internet service provider was down from yesterday evening (monday 7:00pm onwards) onwards. We just got back online. Hope the downtime ends here ....

Thursday 11:00 am Update

imehandi is functioning too, and hopefully all the maintenance work is done for now.

Dear members ...

iKolam has been a fullfledged member-driven website "By members - For members". We are proud to announce that we now showcase more than 4000 rangolis in our site! We have seen some real rapid growth the last couple of years. We are experiencing some growing pains in the process. We incur two types of charges from our service provider: Storage and network bandwidth. Both are not free. We have been reaching the limits of both storage as well as network bandwidth.