And the winners are ...

We will publish the complete results, stats and more next week. Congrats again.


indira sundar's picture

Congrat Preethiji!
Congrats to all the Winners!!
Thanks a lot Lata..-Indira Sundar

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Congratulations to all the winners of Margazhi Dew Drops contest-2011.

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Congratulations to the winners and contestants for entertaining us with your lovely kolams. Thanks for your participation Smile
Thanks Lata and Mr.Mani for the support and encouragement.

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Congratulations to all the winners for giving us such lovely treats Smile
A big thank you to Lata n Mani sir for organising such a wonderful contest Smile

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Congrats to winners Preethiji, Hemaji, Jaya Mam, Rajamma Mam, Rani Mam and all other contestants. Thank you Latha.

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congrats to each and every participant for giving a visual treat to us, my spl thanks and wishes to the top 5 winners

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Congrats to all the five star winners...

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congratssss to all the winners.......!!!!!

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Congratulations to all the winners

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congrats to all the five winners!!!!!

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Heartiest Congratulations to all the winners of Margazhi Kolam contest.


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Congrats to all the winners

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congratulations to all the five winners!

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congrats preethi. as preethi system is damaged she was not able to see her results and phoned to me and noted the contents .she felt happy and requested me to convey her heartful thanks to everybody who all voted for her . thank u

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Congrats Preethi !! Congrats to all the Winners! thank you lata and maniji..

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Congrats to all the top five winners and special wishes to Preethi. I enjoyed all the kolams.

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Congrats to Preethi, Hema, Jaya, Rajam and Rani for winning this contest - very well done. Good wishes to all those who participated too as every effort counts. Finally congrats to the organisers Lata and Mani for a job well done...

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Congrats for all the winners and participants. It was really a wonderful opportunity for me to see all beautiful kolams and learn something out of this. I generally dont try chikku kolam as i feel this is too complex for me, I dont have any chikku kolam in my kolam note. But seeing this contest kolams i tried some of them - copied the kolam in my kolam note first. I just noticed today that i have missed to comment on some kolams, sorry that i missed - I just forgot to click post comment as i was voting and commenting at the same time. So my wishes to all the participants for whom i missed to comment.

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Congratulations to all the participants and the winners.

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Contrats for the Winners!!!!!!

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Congratulations to all the winners! Definitely these 5 kolams were superb! and deserve to win.

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Thank you all for your voting and encouraging comments!
Thanks for all the participants for the good competition given!
Rajamma & Jaya

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congratulation preeti,hema,jaymohan,rajamma amd ammu maamand all the participats.Amm maam now you have to send me big dubba of sweets.Waiting for the same

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Congrats to Preethi, Hema, Jaya, Rajam and Rani for winning this contest.

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congratulations to the winners (heart winners!!!!!!) rani,rajamma,jayamohan,hema 131177,preetirajaganesh and also to all the participants.

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my hearty congrats to all the winners and hats off to the participants ! great feast for the eyes !

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congratulations to top5 winners! -suguna murugesan

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Thank u latha and maniji for organising such a beautiful event and my heartfelt wishes to preethi mam, hema mam, jaya mam, and rajamma mam....

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Congrats to all the winners.

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Congrats to all the winners!!!!

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congradulation preethiji! congrats to all the winners.

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Congratulations to Mrs latA and Mr maNi for their energy and enthusiasm in conducting the contest. Special congratulations to all the participants for zealously creating excellent patterns. The next accolade goes to all the voters. Finally I wish to offer my hearty congratulations to the ranked women, viz., sarvaSrImati preeti, hEmA, jayA, rAjammA and rANi. I cannot resist the temptation of mentioning the name of SrI aniruddha, the one and only representative of the XY gen. A bit preoccupied nowadays, I will offer my comments to all the designs in course of time.

Regards! - mOhana

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latAjI, am I missing something? You say there are 36 participants, but there are only 35 entries.

Regards! - mOhana

Lata's picture

Thanks for the catch Mohanaji, that was a typo. There are 35 entries as seen here:

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Congratulations to All the winners.

preethirajaganesh's picture

thanku lata mam and my lovely thanks to everyone voted for me. congratulatons for other winners. since my kid poured water on my laptop its totally damaged. especially to see the result i came to my moms home today. very happy to see this . once again lots of thanks to lata mam.

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wow...congratulations!!! ...... rajammaji, jayaji, preethiji, hemaji, raniji....preethji i too was expecting yours should be the its party time now <:o) waiting for the invite Smile

mohanaji, thank you soo much, yes waiting for your comments, no hurries please take your time. it was great feeling to participate in competitions with more eminiment personalities, and feel its was a great honour/pleasure to be amongst you all. thanks for all the wishes& blessings. and all the designs are copied into my, more adaptions in comming months :). lata & maniji thanks soo much for making these events and bind us all together.

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Congradulations - Preeti, Hema, Jaya Mohan,Rajamma, and RAni for securing the Top rankings. Thanks for Lata and team for giving us an opportunity to participate and enjoy the Marghazi contest.

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Ciao Lata,
Sorry to hear that u r suffering from migraine .I know migraine pain is impossible to tolerate .It drags away all our happiness .Lata please attend some yoga class if it is available at your place. Meditation will help you a lot if you have already leant then it is fine otherwise just smile (there should not be any frill in the forehead) that means smile should be genuine .We can smile by imagining something good happened in the life or you can imagine the picture of God whom u r having the faith or imagine your children’s face whichever giving you the happiness .slowly make your body very relaxed and start emptying the mind(not to think anything),though initially it is very difficult but later on you will masteries on this .sit for 5-10 minutes sin this position .Make sure u repeat this exercise two –three times a day it will definitely help u. When u feel u will get the attack at that time whatever busy u r keep the work aside and do this simple exercise .your smile will work like a tranquilizer .And try to eat some fermented food in the early morning if possible .If you do this exercise after the deep breathing exercise then it is still better .This is only friendly advice

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All the kolams were so good in its own kind..... but still, congratulations to the winners!!!!!! - Uma

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Congrats to the five winners. It must have been a tough time for the voters to decide as all the 5 winning kolams were such beauties.

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Congratulations to all the winners of Margazhi Dew Drops contest-2011.
- Indu

Lata's picture

Thank you for the timely advice Doctor! Smile
I'll definitely try the 'being still for a few minutes' routine and will let you know when I see some progress.

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Dear Lata, you had mentioned that the complete results and stats about this contest kolams will be published in a week's time. Is that been published here? Where can I see that dear? Since i didn't log into this Ikolam for about 2 to 3 weeks, I might have missed it, in case if it has been published. That's the reason, I asked you about this.


Lata's picture

Here it is:
I had wanted to provide some more stats as well, but due to lack of time and energy, couldn't.

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Preethi maam, Hema maam, Jaya maam, Rajamma maam, and Rani maam Hearty Congratulations to all of u... a well deserved one to all..

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Congrat Preethi mam. & all the winners.

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congratulation to all the winners of Margazhi kolam contest.