Bon voyage!

Everybody is on board, have a great journey! :)

Pushpa Subashini JK Mohana Rao Uma Pappu Rani Aswathy Suguna
Seahorse Seahorse Seahorse Whale Fish Fish Dolphin Octopus
Jelly fish Fish Starfish Seahorse Lighthouse Fish (2)   Ship
Fish Sea-shells Crab Sea-theme        
Stingray Sea-shells 2 Fish          
  Sea-shells 3 Seahorse - 2          
  Fish 2 Octopus          
  Boat Fish - tessalation          
  Fish 3            
Mahalakshmi Vasanthi VijayaSowmya Srinethy Indra Chandhini Julien Adhirai
Ship Fish Sea-animals Sea-theme Fish Fish - mehndi Fish Ship
Starfish   Ship - embroidery       Fish 2  
Turtle   Fish          


smahalakshmi's picture

Congrats to everyone and thanks for sharing all your lovely creativities here.


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vijaysowmya's picture

Superb creations by our friends and all of them deserve a huge applause ......Thank you my dear friends for such a wonderful visual treat which I would cherish for a very long long time...Thanks Lata for your theme Let's go on a cruise.

ammuchandhini's picture

My heartfelt thanks to all my friends who actively took part(and all friends who r yet to take part) in this wonderful cruise journey...and thanks again to lata for bringing us together .....

dibbutn's picture

Wow, it was such a beautiful experience looking at all the beautiful works done by our members, cant wait to see the second set.

Suguna Murugesan's picture

wow nice experience! today i'm so happy!-suguna murugesan

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

I am so happy to see the excellent work presented by my friends but same time felt guilt for not participating .Believe it or not i wanted t participate very badly that too i wanted to do rangoli as i love to do the senery but as i said earlier itis very difficultto do at night now a day i feel very tired .Congratulation to all my friends .indeed a excellent work by each one of them .very imaginative,unique ,lovely ideas ....thank u lata for ur awesomr theme and for the above table

umaraja's picture

rekha mam its nt too late dear,, we r still waiting for urs, i remember ur beautiful paintings still fresh in my memory,,people like u might feel hard to get time, still try bcos u r a grt artist

Padma Prakash's picture

Thanks to Lata for creating such an opportunity for us and congrats to all the participants for spending their time and putting their effort to give us a wonderful visual treat and happiness to our mind. Thanks to one and all.

jkmrao's picture

Thanks latAjI for your fine efforts in bringing out the latent talents of the artists. I had a glimpse of all. Looks like all have put in lot of artistry in their creations. Congratulations to them. I'll comment on all of them when time permits.

I saw the seashell patterns of Mrs mahAlakshmi and Mrs subhAshiNi. Suddenly I remembered the patterns I made with a real seashell long ago. Please have a look at it as it agrees with the present theme. The url is -

Regards! - mOhana

Lata's picture

Dr.Rekha, you did participate in this theme. You shared a nice guessing game in the last couple of weeks, remember?
And besides, you're always participating with your comments which are very valuable to all of us. Smile

Mohanaji, I enjoyed looking at the shell pattern one more time. Also noticed that there were more shell patterns emerging from the past uploads made by others as well. Smile

Padma, I'm so glad you're on board with us, on this journey as well. It wasn't the same without you dear. Smile

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

thank u from my core of heart to lata ,uma and friends for encouraging me .Let me try to makesome simple painting this week end or at least idsapaam...ah ah

Ganga Lakshminarayanan's picture

Lata Madam thank you for giving such a nice theme, and hats off to all those who submtted there kolam a real feast for the eyes. Really enjoying it.

vasanthi's picture

Lata mam thanks a lot for this great theme and for giving such an opportunity to share our creativities mam.
Mam happy to inform you that this day, this time, (27-08-2011 @ IST 07:05 pm) we got net connection at my home. Immediately, the first thing I logged in ikolam and commenting mam. I really missed you all for a long time mam. Thanks a lot again mam and congrats every member for sharing your beautiful creativities here.

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congrats to all for sharing such wonderful creations

Lata's picture

I'm so glad you got the connection at your home, Vasanthi! No wonder we missed you and your comments for a couple of days, a few days ago. Now we get to hear your thoughts almost every day and night, I believe. :0

Ganga and Radhika, we're glad you enjoyed everyone's creations. I hope you two will find some time to participate the next time. Smile

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soo wonderful submissions, yet to comment on each & every entry. i missed to join, hope to get something quicker one today and join you all in the journey Smile

ammuchandhini's picture

Oh great i knew how u could log in on a busy sunday...happy for u pa....

vasanthi's picture

thanks rani know I was literally behind my hubby to buy a system and also a net connection. even now my hubby is pulling my leg saying that "கோலத்துக்காக உங்க அம்மா கம்ப்யூட்டர் வாங்கி இருக்காடா" appo my son will ask "அப்படியா அம்மா எனக்காக வாங்கலையா"

ammuchandhini's picture

Haha...vasanthi....i have never heard till now raj call me by my name(only vaada-poda)....but now recently he calls me hai...ikolam...hello ikolam...and today morning sema tamash as he was suggesting sooooo many meanings for d word many of india-kolam, indha kolam, internet kolam, iniya kolam etc etc....

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happy to hear about the galata mam. ha ha ha ha ...

julien's picture

Wow lata mam... Thanks for your encourgement & adding my name and athirai name also..... in the field coloum.. Really i am so happy more friends are all participated in the theme..... ONCE AGAIN I CONGRATS FOR ALL.....

jayamohan's picture

I enjoyed the variety of the cruises by our members and their kutties. Since I am busy shuttling between Chennai and Gurgaon I am not able to comment individually. My best wishes to one and all!

rajamma_2's picture

Me too enjoyed all the contribution of the members. Sorry for not commenting individualy.

Radhikha 3's picture

Lata Mam I missed this time and sure to participate in next time .

Nalini Venkatesh's picture

hi lata, have been away for a long time....this is a wonderful theme, and the best part is the ideas and imagination put in the form of rangoli. It's really great to see these wonderful creations from all of you.