Dare to be uncovered!

Almost all of our rangoli/kolam images are published in the site with a flash background in order to deter plagiarism (to a certain extent). This has worked both for and against certain aspects in the sense that this practice also prevents search engines from displaying our members' files when anybody runs a search on any browsers. We would like to remove the bit of flash protection that we add to these images, and substitute it with a logo or "ikolam" (site name) appearing on top of the images. When clicked upon such an image, it would lead to this site where the complete details of the image (full size) along with the author/artist name could be found.

We would like to get your thoughts on this matter, so please let us know. Are you for or against removal of the flash add-on to the image files. Removing the flash would enable the search engines to display your works in the first few pages of the search-results and increase "your" visibility Smile

image files
Dare to be uncovered! - sample.png


ammuchandhini's picture

Nice idea lata....so u r saying that even without logging in anyone can see d image...its bigger size na...with a water mark or like ikolam logo....just like u do during d festival and competition times.....waiiting for other member's views also in this regard....

nithyaashok's picture

My opinion is to continue with the present practice. We can wait for other friends opinions.

jkmrao's picture

I would like to see how it looks. Could you upload a test piece as to how a pattern looks like when the logo is added. Thanks.

Regards! - mOhana

umaraja's picture

the present method goes on very well but i couldnt understand how it may b actually in future, as rao sir says we would be able to think on seeing a test piece

lata, this kolam is nt on d home pg but in my gallery ? any confusion dear?

Lata's picture

Sorry, there was a typo in the tag that has been fixed.

jkmrao's picture

Will the ikolam logo be present on the images when redirected to this site too?

Regards! - mOhana

Lata's picture

The samples shown above is more or less what I was talking about. I would say the logo on the shutterstock might be too much of a distraction, and the name could be more subtle.
I have come across images (with watermark) that were plagiarized and reused, but in those cases the watermark was displayed below the actual images, thereby making it easy to crop and reuse.

ammuchandhini's picture

Oh nice pattern lata....oh it is nagapanchami aah...last yr i missed this chance to submit my topical kolam....got to go...bye...haha...although luckily i have done one kk along this design.....let me see if this suits d occaasion....

smahalakshmi's picture

Lata, It's a nice idea, but can you please let us know the disadvantages of images / kolams being published in this site with the flash background.


jkmrao's picture

I have seen pictures on many websites with logos like this placed centrally over the patterns, many a time on the faces, bodies of people, in the middle of some very nice scenery, on prominent places in movies, etc. Different individuals may have different reactions. But my personal reaction is - I never liked them. For rangOlis and kOlams, it is esthetically unpleasing. rangOli is an art that has been passed on from generation to generation. In that way, it is a traditional art. The individuality of the artist appears in the way the pattern is presented, coloured, and little details are added. Personally, I am not for it and if it is a "must" the logo may appear in some corner (bottom right hand), not at the centre covering the pattern in a prominent manner. Again, if it is a must, a small detail of half a centimetre size can be placed at some place on the pattern without jeopardising the overall aesthetics.

I request all others to give their honest opinions as it is an extremely important issue that deserves more than one hundred comments.

Regards! - mOhana

rajamma_2's picture

Yes I too feel anything over the kolam will look like "Thrishti Pottu" and distract the attention from it. Outside that in any corner is Ok. ( when I see nice rare postal stamps with a chaappa on that I feel so bad, so let us have others view also.)

subashini's picture

yes, I too agree with jkm sir and rajam madam.site name on any corner is o.k.but on kolam , will suppress the beauty of the kolam

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

I too agree with JKM sir and rajam but also on the other hand We feel PROUD to have ikolam as a flash background in all our kolams and also no one can reuse. If it is safe for the maintainence of the site then we may all have to agree with lata. This is my opinion, Sorry if i have hurted others in posting this comment.

dibbutn's picture

Hi Lata, as much as I agree with Rajamma maam and JKM sir, i feel if the flash background is as mild as the one in the nag panchami kolam, i think it will not change the overall look of the kolam, this is only my opinion dear.

umaraja's picture

IKOLAM flash looks very mild and so i hope it might nt disturb d look of d kolam

BharathiKRaman's picture

we would perfer to continue with the present practice.

alameluranganath's picture

I hope the water mark is ok because that is our site's right to put in all its belongings we also add water mark to our programmes in our channel so that no one can copy the same and the copy right will be ours. Its my opinion. Lata its gud were ever u put the mark dear.

Padma Prakash's picture

Hi, I too agree with JKM sir and Rajamma mam. This may to some extent reduce the beauty of the art.

But from the security point of view, this need to be adopted. Lata. instead of writing the whole 'ikolam" five letters, can you create a 'LOGO" for ikolam as a symbol and may be that is displayed in the appropriate part of the image. Let it be very light but visible.
Just my opinion and lets see what others say.