Diwali contest rangoli entries are published

Please take a moment to vote for all of our participants.


Questions and comments can be posted below.

(During voting, the selection of stars is automatically saved. You do not have to scroll down to click on "Save" once you've selected on the number of stars during voting for any entry).


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I dont know if I am facing this problem but I am selecting stars but after submitting, it shows something else ... am i doing something wrong here???

Suguna Murugesan's picture

same problem for me too pushpa

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Wonderful collection of kolams for this contest. Even though I couldn't participate I am very happy to enjoy the creations done with effort and enthusiasm. All the very best to all the contestants Smile

Even I noticed some changes in the rating ...please clarify :0

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The voting widget was displaying part of the results, along with the number of stars selected by voters. The additional display fields are now turned off. In short, nothing was erroneous, and no data was lost. Thanks.

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as i was not regular to ikolam i'm not able to know that where i've to file my questions about diwali contest.. i've send a msg through cafe.. and i'm not clear about one thing that my diwali entry rangoli is seen in my track page.. but i can't see it with the other diwali kolam contest entries.. why?

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Your entry wasn't uploaded as a contest entry to begin with. We have now moved your Rangoli entry to the contest-entry page after reading your comments. Thanks for letting us know.

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thank you admin.. really i was so sad Sad on not seeing it in the contest entry list.. now it's ok.. thank you once again.. Wink

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Though I could not find time to participate in the contest (as I could not find time to log in regularly), I enjoyed viewing and voting for all the entries. Best wishes to all the participants.

I shall upload my pending Navarathri and Deepavali kolams/rangolis whenever I get time.


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Thank you, Pragaya, for your votes and support. We look forward to your Navratri and Diwali art works. Smile

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thanks for putting all these together Lata. Enjoyed all the creations, each one is beautiful in their own style.

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Hi, I am here after a long time as I was not well.

I have uploaded one Rangoli now for the contest. One it is on paper and two it was posted on my blog. I don't know whether this will be ok for the contest. I am not able to see the rules for the contest. If it cannot be considered for the contest, I request that this may be at least included in the Diwali Kolams so that others can use it.

Thank you

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Oh my!!!!! The entries for the contests are amazing.