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We are looking forward to an exciting margazhi season and we wanted to say a big thank you for all the members who have supported us all these years. We could not have grown without your unwavering support.

As we wrap 2010, we wanted to share a few of our thoughts. Editing and publishing the kolams on a daily basis is almost like printing out a magazine. There is lots of background work that goes on. One such task is to make sure that the images submitted are original contribution and not a copied version from other places. Apart from checking the veracity of the submitted material, we have to edit the image and have it ready for production.

In the past we used to polish the description for typo/grammar/language etc; but now a days we have stopped doing it for lack of time.

Our time, server and management resources are limited. We think it is better that we focus on members who are exclusively posting at iKolam.

Posting the same kolam/rangoli in multiple places causes many problems. The same level of protection and monitoring is not extended in other sites. This has enabled for easy plagiarism. The amount of submissions that we reject on a daily basis due to this is on the rise. Going forward, if you have already submitted your entry in other places, please do not upload at iKolam. Such entries may not get published.

This is in no way to discourage you from experimenting with other publishing media; if you do intend to leave iKolam, please drop us a line, so that we can release the space used by your gallery for other member's use (the waiting queue for gallery is about 200 now).

We will be sharing more of our thoughts in the next few days.


deepa ram's picture

Dear Lata mam,

I have a Flickr account specially for my kolams.The real reason to have it was that i could not print,share it with my other friends or make a personal gallery of my own kolams as a memory album after the copy scape protection feature in ikolam.I fully admire the privacy u give to my creations and i wish to continue my ikolam posts as before and will take care that the posts i submit are only seen to ikolam members through this site alone.

jkmrao's picture

ikOlam is a "non-profit" site. Let me explain what "non-profit" means Smile They don't make any money out of this, actually they spend! We don't make any money as no honorariums are given to us, we too spend our time, efforts and money toward the materials! On the other hand, technically, contest winning entries can not be published anywhere else without the consent of ikOlam as awards are offered in that case. But after the work is published in one site, it is not ethical to republish the "same" work without any modification elsewhere. When we wish to present it on our own website, it must be mentioned that it was originally published in ikOlam. Do not forget, the moment it is published in ikOlam, both the site and the authors hold the copyright to it. Publishing elsewhere is a violation of this copyright. The authors too hold the copyright because the copyright is not completely transferred to the site. Actually when scientific articles are published in journals, the authors transfer this copyright to the journal. That is why references must always be made to earlier work. This is as far as I know about technicalities. Actually, in the past, somebody started a discussion forum and began to "republish" my work (original poetry) published on another forum by the "cut-and-paste" method. I had to remind the guy not to do this.

Regards! - mOhana

chandy's picture

I am a great admirer of ikolam website and its members. I feel as though it is a family site. I sinerely assure you I am posting kolams only on this site and nowhere else. And if I am drawing kolams from books or from this site, I take care to mention them. Please do continue the good work

maheshwarisekar's picture

Dear lata mam ,

sorry , i was not aware of this factor.
hereafter i will be mindful about this.