File format of images

Just a quick reminder: I see that some of our members have uploaded image files that are not of either gif or jpg format. Please remember that although we do know how to extract images from most of the other formats like Powerpoint or pdf, we don't work with those files because it is a round about way of working with images, and happens to be time consuming.
If you have uploaded images in other formats (ppt, pdf), then please reload your images in either jpg or gif only. Sorry for the extra work, and thank you so much! Smile


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Lata ,I had sent a Pilliyar kolam sometime last week.Hope u received it.

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Yes, the file is there, but it is a pdf one, could you please upload a jpg or a gif image? Thank you.

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Ok Lata I wil do in a couple of days

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Lata M'am,

We aren't able to browse through the advanced kolam section, it gives the message,
done with errors, even the favorites link is not visible in the webpage.
Please do rectify as soon as possible.

with warm regards,

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I'll write to you when I find out more. Thank you for letting me know about the problem.
The favorites link would be available in June.(Please feel free to call me lata) Smile