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Best Holi Rangoli Designs and Patterns with Pictures

Best Holi Rangoli Designs and Patterns with Pictures. Holi is also known as the festival of colors. The festival marks the end of the cold winter season, and is celebrated during the beginning of spring season which comes in early March. Holi celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

Although Holi is a religious hindu festival, over the years the festival of colors has become more popular with other communities outside Asia as well.

Around mid-February, the markets stock up on colors of all hues, in form of colored powders and dyes. People buy loads of colors and water-jets called Pichkaris for kids as well. Huge piles of vibrant holi colors such as magenta, violet, green, red, yellow, blue, and pink are found in shops in cities and small towns in India. The colors are called “gulal” in hindi.

On the day of Holi, houses are decorated with beautiful rangoli designs using colored powders. People throw color powder or powder dyes on each other and enjoy throwing buckets of water on passersby. Kids use water-sprayer toys to spray water on their playmates. Groups of people dance in the streets to the tunes of popular Bollywood songs.

During Holi, elders send their blessings to members living far away by sending gifts and greeting cards. Family members invite friends and family over for celebrating Holi together, and special sweets and savories are enjoyed by all. Some of the favorite sweets are gujiya, palpua, and burfis.

Here are some of the best holi rangoli designs found in iKolam.com. These rangolis were elegantly drawn on the floor, and colored with vibrant rangoli colors.

Best Holi Rangoli Designs and Patterns with Pictures

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