Ikolam garden - Spring planting 2014

Hi friends,

We welcome you all in giving us a hand in our spring planting season!

Please let us know in comments or email regarding the names of the flowers you'd like to grow for our garden. Please pass on the word and encourage your friends and family to join as well.

Let's make it as colorful and vibrant as possible. Smile

By Lata Kalaimani

Ikolam garden - Spring planting 2014 - ikolam-garden.png


umaraja's picture

Yellow and white chrysanthemums from me,,,, would like to add a fresh pookolam to our garden also,,,,, Smile

admin's picture

Chrysanthemums! Got to make room for them soon. Will add it to the plot sometime tomorrow. Smile

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

what about Mallige(Karnataka Jasmine)....?

admin's picture

All Jasmines will be shown under the "Jasmine" flower patch. Smile

lakshmiraghu's picture

Roses, jasmine, Chrysanths, Bellis perennis from me... Smile

admin's picture

Great, roses, jasmine, mums, and daisies...I can bet you'll continue afterwards as well. Smile

jayamohan's picture

Hibiscus is my choice!

admin's picture

So glad to hear that! My own real plant is only giving us one a week for some reason. Smile

viji_j86's picture

Sunflower is my choice.

admin's picture

Can't wait, Viji madam! So nice to hear from you. Smile

yams yamuna's picture

Lata mam, may i get some more details about IKOLAM GARDEN, does it mean a real plant growing, or like hayday/farmville kind of event.... am sorry tried to understand....but in vain... pls show some light.....

Lata's picture

Hi Yamuna,

You can say it is sort of a real garden, where people decided what to grow, and wait patiently to reap the fruits of their labour. Smile

These links given below can give you some idea about how we grow a garden of flowers and veggies. Our members choose a flower or a veggie from the plot to "grow", and make a rangoli of it, and upload in the site. We publish them all together in one day, for all to enjoy.


Hope this answers some of your questions. Smile

yams yamuna's picture

Thank you so much Lata mam, Enjoyed Butterflies AV, the Veggie and flower Garden.

mvrajitha's picture

Blue bells, jasmine.... I try to upload more pookolam :bigsmile: Biggrin

Lata's picture

Welcome back, Rajitha! Long time no see. Smile
Blue bells and jasmine sounds good to me.

mvrajitha's picture

Thank you Lata

Suguna Murugesan's picture

sunflower and tulips from me Smile Biggrin Dirol :bigsmile: Wink

admin's picture

Great! Smile

aarchi's picture

Daisies and Marigold for me Lata. Ofcourse I can put in paper only this time. Please allow me to do so. Thanks.

admin's picture

Daisies and Marigold sounds good to me, Chitra. What's there to allow, please use any medium you would like, we just want your design and hand print on it, in our garden. Smile

yams yamuna's picture

Will try out Day lily and Peri Winkles.... Smile

admin's picture

Yay for Yamuna! Can't wait. Smile

ammuchandhini's picture

Hmmmm....am ready with my lotus and hibiscus flowers......may be some butterflies too will be flying happily in our garden Smile Smile

admin's picture

Oh, have missed you lately! Smile So nice to see you back. I've enjoyed your latest freehand rangolis that you've shared.

thilakalakshmi's picture

I have chosen marigold flowers around a Daisy...!:)