It is a tie!

Turns out our best-dressed-Navaratri-girl contest has more than one winner!

Congratulations to all of our participants and thank you for 'sending' your beautiful kanyas to our virtual home, for the Navaratri celebrations. Smile


ammuchandhini's picture

Oh I think it is a tie between the youngest participants.... uma's sil's daughter and ria's daughter...anyways thanks to all the chellams for giving us so much happiness...:)

dibbutn's picture

I know who the winners are, ALL OF THEM!!!!

smahalakshmi's picture

As pushpa said, all the participants are winners to me. Congrats to all of the kutties and may God wish them good health and happiness always.

Suguna Murugesan's picture

congrats to all kutties! Smile

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

i fully agree all the participants are winner for me congrats to all lovely kuttys .love and prayers to them

vijaysowmya's picture

Congratulations to all the cute kutty beauties...Best wishes to all of them.

umaraja's picture

congrats kutties

Radhikha 3's picture

congratulations to all cute.... sweett... kutties .

viji_j86's picture

100% correct.All the kutties are so sweet in Navarathri dress.
Congragulations to the participants.

jkmrao's picture

Congratulations to ALL the winners, I am very happy!
Regards! - mOhana