Margazhi kolam contest entries

Hi all, there are 35 members participating in this chikku kolam contest. We’ve published all the entries that were received, along with the dot structure. The dots can be viewed by clicking on the “dots” option from the menu of the kolam. Here are all the much awaited contest entries! Enjoy, comment, and VOTE! Smile

Voting guidelines:
You can vote for a kolam by clicking on the number of stars you think the kolam deserves (5 stars translates to - “great work!”, and 1 star means “looks okay”).

Participants and new members are not eligible to vote.
Winner would be announced in a week’s time, on the 26th of this month.

Contest entries can be found here:


indira sundar's picture

Lata, thanks for publishing the contest sikku kolams.... All are very beautiful..-Indira Sundar

Lata's picture

I can "see" your rangoli with my eyes closed Indra! It is a tough competition among members as well as among ikolam sisters! :0 I've more to say about each and every entry, and will be back later. Smile

dibbutn's picture

Lata tx for posting all the kolams dear... each one is unique on its own... tx for the effort ma... one clarification, does this mean participants can't vote for others also??

dibbutn's picture

Lata can u pls clarify my doubt dear, participants cant vote for others too eh? cos i cant see the stars for voting

umaraja's picture

YES LATA, IT SEEMS A HIGHLY TOUGH COMPETITION, IAM TOTALLY WONDERING WITH ALL MEGA COLORFUL SUBMISSIONS, each and every participant has tried her level to the extreme best, thank u for collecting all these pretty flowers in a single fragrant bouquet ikolam,

Lata's picture

Pushpa, participants can not vote for any of the entries in this contest. Smile

Pragaya's picture

Lata, Thanks for posting the contest entries. I have to take time to see all the entries. Though I am happy you have disallowed voting by contestants and new members, I am a bit disappointed that I cannot judge any entry, however nice it may be. How much ever one comments, voting matters a lot.

Once again thanks for the efforts you have taken.

dibbutn's picture

Oh ok lata tx dear

rajamma_2's picture

Thank you Lata, as I always said dotted chikku kolams have their own beauty and this contest will prove it.
After waiting last few days you have really served us a grand dinner'" Kannukku virundhu '"
I am thankful to you for disallowing me from voting... because for me each and every kolam looks fantastic, the time spent the enthu and the home work done before putting each kolam are to be appreciated equally, so in my view all the participants deserve star "5". Let others judge from their angle. ( i get full satisfaction in Participation... so getting a chance to participate in the future contests also will make me Happy).
In your blog 'kolam contest entries' I wrote a poem wishing and appreciating the members, in that I have written 'Ikola mangais' forgot that there is one efficient male member Anirudhji who is also capable of putting real rangoli/kolams with white podi on the floor. So special thanks to him.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thanks a lot latha for publishing d contest kolams as we knew u were busy ...i wholeheartedly welcome ur idea for d participants not being allowed to vote...this is an extended margazhi season for ikolam members...thanks again...

vijaysowmya's picture

Thanks a lot lata for publishing all the kolams . I know it could have been a very difficult task in combing all these entries and publishing in such a short span of time....Really a visual treat and all the entries are special in some way or the other...looks like a very tough competition. Nice idea of not allowing the participants to vote...thank u once again ...

Padma Prakash's picture

LAta, kindly clear my doubt. If lata is busy, my friends you can also clear mt doubt.
Can the participant comment for other's kolams?
It is mentioned that participants are not allowed to vote. But later you have said they can. I didn't fing where to mention the stars? Is the stars displyed for only non participants?

- can any of my friends clear my doubts?

I wish all my friends "ALL THE BEST" and securing prize Bcoz..... Participation is the BEST PRIZE one can get. From my end 5 stars to all the participants.

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

Hey Padma, I think you can comment on all the kolams. Only non participating members can vote to us. I agree with you participating itself is the best prize.

brindhanagesh's picture

Really fantastic to see these white beauties and few have decorated themselves with some colour. I can see so many new members taking part in the contest that shows ikolam's fame is spreading like Banyan tree roots (ஆல விழுது ). This time the voting rules are better i think, Lata. Thanks to Lata and Mani Sir for encouraging and giving us this treat every year. All the Best to all the participants. (I am little bit disappointed that Veni couldn't make it).

lakshmiraghu's picture

Lata and maniji , thanks for encouraging us every year... All kolams /rangolis are very beautiful and creative .All the Best to all the participants....looks like a very tough competition..Nice idea of not allowing the participants and new members to vote.I like the voting system..thank u once again ......

aditya's picture

Thank you latha mam for this visual treat of so many chikku kolams. Each entry is unique and beautiful. Submission of the dot grid was a wonderful idea as this helps me to understand and learn the kolams in a better way. All the best to all participants. Each one is a winner already!!!

Vinci's picture

Thanks Lata for giving me an opportunity to enjoy a visual treat of chikku kolams. And an extra effort to upload the grid pattern and kolam separately, a good tutorial to the learners.

I appreciate the participants for taking part in the contest with enthusiasm and creativity. A Kudos to the contestants for having a look of other's work and commenting on it.

smahalakshmi's picture

Hi Lata, Thanks for posting all the entries here. A great treat for eyes. very nice to see such a great collection of chikku kolams at one instance.


sudhabalakrishnan's picture

Lata and Mani Sir, Thanks for giving such a wonderful platform and sharing our skills with all those who are involved in this art. Regarding conducting contest kolam is superbly organised , maintained and we as a members do liitle effort to put kolams and upload. This time voting is brilliantly done as there will be no misunderstanding (which happened in imehendi contest recently). For me in particular i would love to participate in all the contest as we can do better and improve ourselves for the next one. Anyways thanks once again for all your efforts and strain that you have taken for this contest. thanxxxxxxxxxxx

hema131177's picture

Dear Lata mam,
Thank you very much for given this opportunity to participate in this chikku kolam contest.
All the kolam were very nice and eye catching . I can't able to move my cursor to another website.
Thanks again.