Rangoli-upload preferences

An update: Regarding the rangoli-upload preferences, the majority of our members had voted for the following options:

  • I would like to see few rangoli designs (6 to Dirol updated on a daily basis.
  • On a daily basis, I would like to see rangolis created by various members (each rangoli created by a different member).

We have a few requests to ask of you from our end, as it applies to 98% of our members Smile

  • Please try to keep your file size upto 1 megabyte (so you wouldn't have to wait for us to delete your old uploaded files, to make room for new ones).
  • In the description, please try not to use text messaging style of writing (e.g, "i", "u", "r", "4"). We edit most of these, so you don't see that a lot after we upload, but it would be very much appreciated if complete words are used (e.g, "I", "you", "are", and "for").

We can not thank you enough for taking the time to post comments on others' rangolis and blog posts. The site is constantly growing because you take the time to not only create rangolis, but also to upload them into this site, for all of us to enjoy!
Please feel free to offer your suggestions for further improvements. Thank you.


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on a daily basis I would like to see rangolis created by various members.

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Lata Mam!

Iam not able to view the newly uploaded kolams. Last day, Lakshmi Mam, told that her kolam was uploaded, but i haven't see the kolam,please tell me, how to look for newly uploaded kolam?