Two more Navaratri contests

Here are two more contests for Navaratri, other than our traditional Golu and Marapaachi doll decor contests:

1. Best Aarthi plate decorating contest for Navarathri. Here is an example of an aarti plate decorated by one of our members.

Aarti plate could be decorated in any medium. Participants can upload one image of Aarti plate, per participant.
Please use the "Upload rangoli" option from the main menu.

2. Best dressed girl in Navarathri Lehenga/Gaghra choli, or, Pattu pavadai.
This contest in open for girls ages 1 to 10 only. Please use the "Upload rangoli" option from the main menu.

The last date to upload for these two contests is October 25, 2011.


Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

very interestinf contest .lata thank u for proving us one more oportunity

ammuchandhini's picture

Oh...nice & interesting competition...was actually upset as we don't keep golu...but this makes me happy...ammu...come come ...see what's in store for u...

umaraja's picture

glad to see this,, this best dressed girl contest makes me a bit grrrrrrrr,,i dont have a girl kid na,,,,hmmmm but iam more interested in doing makeups for them,, if possible i may try my neighbours kutti papa,,,
regarding aarti plates i have a doubt,,, whether it is one plate or many put up in a single image??

julien's picture

wow... i try to decorate my daughter mam.. (she is 5 1/2) years old... i will try.... nice to see the contest...

Lata's picture

Looking forward to Adhirai's picture and dress. I'm sure she will look like a doll. Smile

vyjayanthi's picture

that very interesting contest......

indira sundar's picture

Lata, have you got my entry?

Lata's picture

Got it Indra. Fabulous. Smile

Saranya Vijay's picture

Hi Latha,

Have u got my entry?( My daughter Srushtika)?Pl check.