Ugadi rangoli designs from

Ugadi comes from two words, 'Yuga' meaning 'era', and 'aadi' means 'the beginning’. People of Maharashtra also observe the same day as ‘Gudi Padwa’. Ugadi is believed to be the day when Brahma - the Creator, in the Hindu Trinity - formed the universe. It’s also the start of the spring season.

A few days before Ugadi, homes are cleaned and decorated, new clothes are bought, and on the day of the festival itself, fresh mango leaves thoran are strung up above doorways to denote prosperity in the New Year. Special Delicacies ‘Ugadi Pacchadi’ is the traditional Ugadi recipe prepared by the people of Andhra Pradesh. It is a mixture of six tastes - Neem (bitter), Raw Mango (tangy), Tamarind Juice (sour), Green Chilli/Pepper (heat), Jaggery and ripe banana pieces (sweet), pinch of salt, which symbolize life as a blend of different experiences (sorrow, joy, anger, fear, disgust, surprise), which should be accepted together. The same is known as ‘Bevu Bella’ in Karnataka.

Ugadi rangoli designs from - ugadi-muggulu-happy-ugadi.png