Freehand Rangoli

Rangoli: Dussehra Rangoli
Created by radha_tadivalasa on 2014-10-20,

I made this Rangoli on Vijaya Dashami.In South India,during Navaratris 3 colours are predominant,Green,Red and Yellow!Pasupu Gowridevis,Kumkuma poojas and Mamidi Toranalu are seen every where,so took inspiration from the same for my Rangoli and used those 3 colours...

Rangoli: Traditional rangoli
Created by Vasantha Vivek on 2014-10-20,
This is a freehand rangoli.
Rangoli: regular 14
Created by rojababu on 2014-10-19,

Took a quick snap before the rain

Rangoli: Freehand inspirational kolam
Created by chandy on 2014-10-18,

A simple version of Sister Lakshmi's kolam! Wanted to try it immediately and did so!

Rangoli: Carpet Rangoli
Created by Subhashini C on 2014-10-17,

A rangoli created for this year golu.

Rangoli: Divine friday
Created by umaraja on 2014-10-16,

Hai frnz, , its my friday kolam, ,, ur comments pls

Rangoli: free hand kolam
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2014-10-16,

Hi friends this free hand kolam was drawn in front of my house,,,your views please...

Rangoli: sunday kolam
Created by rojababu on 2014-10-16,

paisley going ring a ring roses

Rangoli: purattasi saturday
Created by rojababu on 2014-10-16,

did this one for purattasi last saturday

Rangoli: friday rangoli 4
Created by rojababu on 2014-10-16,

white is always pretty to do kolams