basic design

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this is my another small basic design kolam. some colours r recycled colours. hope u all like this...

Rangoli: basic design


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Nicely drawn the original design and the coloring is very soothing. Outer decoration is very beautiful.

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thanq rajam amma!-suguna murugesan

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I like this lovely work! Cool colours and nice outer work. By the way, how much time did you take to complete the pattern?

Regards! - mOhana

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Oh suru suru suguna this was ur first upload aah...super pa...lovely extensions like in sb rangolies pa....awesome floor too which enhances its beauty further....

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thanks a lot jkm sir(around 20-25mins) bala n rani(this is 2nd one)! suguna murugesan

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Hi Triple S, you have given us a asathal presentation.Superb dear. I liked the colouring effect in your kolam.

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Lovely kolam with nice colours.

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this color combo reminds me of jo and surya in ennai konjam maatri song in kaaka kaaka,,, , those outer lollypops add more beauty

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Lovely choice of colors, Suguna. I also enjoyed the pretty peanut design in your rangoli. You were also the first one to submit, and this design was the first design under this theme. Great work, and thank so much for participating! Smile

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thanks a lot maha nithya uma n lata(thanks ur encouraging words)-suguna murugesan

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lovely star based rangoli the colrs are very cute...

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Wow!!!!! Wonderful have drawn the original design neatly and nicely ....Very nice colouring and extensions.

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very nice and gud one.

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Few extensions but the colouring and the perfect inner design has made kolam wonderful. Outer design is very cute.

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Recycled colours are too good! Nicely drawn original design.
- PadmaKarthik

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Wow Sugu, this is so very beautiful in ur lovely background. Good one dear.

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thanq juli, sowmya, alamelu, padma prakash, padma karthik, n pushpa!-suguna murugesan