Happy New Year2017

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Rangoli Freehand Rangoli: Happy New Year2017 by RaghaRadha

Rangoli: Happy New Year2017


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Greetings Happy New Year 2017 n by showing & sitting , enjoying RANGOLIS with All of UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Friends. Smile :love: :party: :bigsmile: :santa: Wink Angel Smile

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Wish u the same and enjoyed very much

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Thank U kirthiga. Smile

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Excellent, creative rangoli1! Loved it very much. Thanks . Wish you the same! Smile Smile :love: :love:

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Thank U Chandy. Smile

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Our Sabha-iKOLAM, Performing Artists and Enjoying Audiences -U all & me. Secretary& Organiser-Lata. I'm very Glad & Proud to say that The iKOLAM is the ONLY Sabha performing arts for all 365days in a year. Wish Keep it going further also with colorful josh for so so so so many long years, in the NEW YEAR 2017. Smile :love: :bigsmile: