Angel mehndi

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just tried this design, some inspired design as it was 1st try it dint come out well , but sure will do next time a neater one.

Rangoli: Angel mehndi


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.1janu! Smile

This sure is a unique piece of art! Smile
What's going on here? I think you didn't understand what we said to you earlier, a few days ago. Why are you "multiplying" yourself?
Will get back to this one later on...

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Thankyou admin, just tried this and want to share with all of you. Actually wanna upload to my old gallery , its ok.

You know what i did this on my sister's leg. She dint allow me to put on her hand .. as she was doubting on my art Sad

Hope it came out better and need to put this in IM. will get back to you with more pics Biggrin

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Nice design.


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nice art Janu mam

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Oh my god, she didn't understand my questions me please. Can you take this one please? I owe you one dear. Smile