Rangoli: Simple Design

Dear Friends,
The Simple painting was done on a paper plate, when I taught painting to my kids... Your comments ....

this pot painting was done by my daughter. she started doing this and she wanted to upload it here to hear all the aunties views for her work.---
Hai aunties---i am gomathi.i see ikolam with my mother.i want u all to c my handwork also and give me ur comments.

Rangoli: Durga painting

Hai to all Last week saturday I made this Durga Painting on the stainless steel plate along with colourful stones to gift it to Aunty who invited us for Kolu (at my brothers friend's Home). Aunty was happy to receive that gift .I have made a single line of finger technique around that for good views. Hope you all like this ..

Rangoli: Rishi Painting

A cartoon done by my son Rishi who is 7yrs old.

Rangoli: Painting

Painting done by my daughter when she was in 6th std. Now she is in 10th.

Rangoli: Leaf painting

Tried leaf painting,,:-)as said by reka mam dried leaf and tried,,but drawn keeping the leaf reverse..noticed it after completeing only

Rangoli: fgg-shell guess-7

Although i tried to click properly the picture looks little dull .This person is a fine boyhood actor .he looks very young though he has grown up children .He is one of my favorite actor .Ammu i saw your hair is very thick and long so i am little jealous hence thought of giving one quiz immediately

Rangoli: Metal basket painting-2(outside)

cose-up photo of one of the side of outside basket for better view

Rangoli: Ouside  of basket painting -1

As requested by mahalaxmi ,i am uploading the basket picture(for photo purpose have kept the basket upside down).Inside i have done the world cup .All these paintings (6 baskets) r done at night as a emergency (told to do the decoration only for my daughters batch and that too on the last moment. I know I have not justified

Rangoli: metal basket painting-4

For the inside wall decoration of this basket i have given the sun mica effect and outside in yellow background i have done some zigzag strokes.please comment