Rangoli: Painting 4

The fourth painting is about Lord vishnu in the avatar of Narasimha. After Lord Vishnu destroyed Hirayaksha, his brother Hiranyakashyap makes severe penance and gets a boon not to be destroyed by any human, animal, god or deamons, either during day or night. After this he declares himself as the lord of all the 3 worlds and becomes the enemy of lord Vishnu. He also destroys Indralok and holds all gods as his prisoners. But his own son Prahlad, is a great devotee or Lord Vishnu and he calls lord vishnu to come out of a Pillar. At this moment Lord vishnu takes the form of Narasimha who is neither and animal nor a human and kills him just during sunset, at the entrance of the door.

Rangoli: Painting of flower pot

Here I tried to paint a glass flower pot with red roses and small white flowers . Whether I justified? please comment

Rangoli: lady painting frame work

This frame work done by me ,especially to gift it To my college in my rememberance.I have done it on a fabric pasted on a cardboard using acrylic colours.

Rangoli: My young Ragavendra swami (full view)

I always imagine ragavendra swami how he must be looking when he was in his thirties or forties .We always gets his picture with white beard .So I tried to paint my young Ragavendra swami. Once again sorry may be resolution of my mobile camera is less hence I am unable to click full proper photo

Rangoli: Painting 2

This is the second painting, Vishwa roopa of Lord Vishnu. As shown by Lord Krishna during the Gita recitation.

Rangoli: Paintings

I had done some paintings for an exhibition at a temple in Bangalore. The topic was to exihibit some paintings on Vishnu. I had done four paintings to exhibit.

Rangoli: This is only trial painting

This I tried to make one model for the advertisement of shampoo. My daughters instructed me not to upload this ugly painting .But i want your opinion

Rangoli: saree painting

This is a Raw silk Saree Painting.I have used metallic colours, Aari work and stone work.
The main pallu emphasises the portrait of Lord Krishna. The borders are also decorated with painting.

Rangoli: One of the scenery of Kashmir

Two years back I have been t Kashmir. Really it is heaven in the earth .Typing to depict any scene by painting by artist like me is a foolishness .But one of the scene where the huge waterfall between the huge jungle cum mountain attracted me so much that before it erase from my floppy I thought of painting it on the same day of my arrival to Mumbai .Though I was very tired I removed my painting brush and did this painting .Whether it justified?
This picture was clicked in my mobile without the removal of plastic cover hence the colour looks little dull
(Whether I have already uploaded this I don’t remember).

Rangoli: Ganapathi –Tooth Brush Spay painting

This is a tooth brush spray painting done on the silk (kanjivaram) piece of cloth. This was my first attempt like this. Please comment. Your valuable comment will definitely help me in improvising my skill
I have to cut one of my silk saris to Design Baratha natyam dress, for my daughter when she was in Higher KG as she was selected to welcome the audience. Instead of wasting the remaining material I thought of doing this painting