Rangoli: oriya painting

This is an oriya painting which I completed recently. Just wanted to share it with you.

Rangoli: Banjaran-Full view

Hi Aditya,
As advised by you i tried t click the full view of this painting with my mobile after removing the plastic cover. it looks much better than before but still it does not have the same color effect. please comment on it

Rangoli: Painting-Banjaran(half-view)

This is my favorite painting but unfortunately I could not get the actual view from my mobile camera as it is framed with plastic cover .Hence i have tried to click only half of the painting .Viewers please comment on this picture so that I can improve on.
Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli: Painting of a South Indian young Girl.

This is painting 2by 3 sq feet depicting the South Indian girl about to attend the temple with plate of flowers.
Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli: Bit Painting-horse

This type of painting is done in bits to create the horse design.This is done on cardboard using poster colors

Rangoli: Sculpture painting

This is a scene of the Gupta period .The Queen with her maids around her painted on a canvas.
This is called Sculpture painting since it is done to depict the stone work. You can see a baby too next to the queen

Rangoli: Hibiscus

This is a painting done by me on chart part using poster colors.I will upload my other series of painting in the cafe shortly.All my paintings are my own creations with some ideas seen some where

Rangoli: Oil painting

This is my fourth oil painting. It took 2 months to complete for me. I gifted this painting to my fiance on our engagement. He likes it very much. Now we have kept it in our hall.

Rangoli: Madhubani Birds

This is my first attempt at Madhubani paintings. The design is freehand and the painting is done using drawing inks. Hope you all like it!

Rangoli: Dreaming Girl

Guess What this girl is Dreaming about ! May be the ways to win the 50 % quota!