Forms of Ganesha

I wanted to start this thread well on time, before the arrival of the Ganesh chaturthi season. I don't know about others, but I've been unsure about keeping certain forms of the Ganesha statues, at home. Someone once told me, that there is a violent form of Ganesha, which is not suitable for keeping at our homes. Can anyone shed some light about this topic. Thanks in advance. Smile

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I dont think so. In my house i am having huge number of Ganseha in and round my house in many forms. starting from taracotta to castly marble mostly all forms. I am seeing it as art and not as God to worship. But i dontlike him seeing in a voilent form

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For that matter, any picture with negative emotion will psychologically create negative vibrations around.
People say don't have Krishna with flute & without Radha at home.
Don't have meditating Hanuman in the pooja.
Don't have 'Geethobadesam' picture at home as it's backround is a so on.
I don't believe in all those things.
I have what I like! Iam firm in what I believe!

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Right you are Jaya - your thoughts are what regulate your emotions and if you have negative thoughts then goes without saying what the ultimate will be. Even I dont believe in all this.. But again it is upto each one's belief I suppose...