deepa ram

Rangoli: Fusion type rangoli with Red colours
Rangoli: Navrathri kolam
Rangoli: copy cat kolam
Rangoli: Tuesday kolam
Rangoli: Akshaya trithiya Tibetian type rangoli
Rangoli: mixed padi kolam
Rangoli: Rama Navami kolam

This is a tibetian type rangoli kolam in the form of our yantras....usually yantras are put in pooja rooms i copied only the structure...with the shades of our badam tree,here's a snap of it...hope u all like it !!!

Rangoli: Pradosham kolam

a new try of padi kolam on pradosham......ur comments please !

Rangoli: Friday Padi kolam

a special kolam done for thai month friday.....with my lotus and usual outer designs...ur views please !

Rangoli: The last mud floor kolam

This kolam was done on Rathasapthami Day...and this would be the last mud floor kolam....because we are given a new cement road...i hated it when they ploughed my paved floor and spoiled it like heap of stones....bye bye...mud floor

Rangoli: pulli kolam

a pulli kolam specially made for Rani mam,as she wanted me to try it, and i dedicate this to u mam !.This kolam is a copycat version from flickr tags.

Rangoli: Pournami kolam

this kolam was done for the thai month pournami day,ur views please!

Rangoli: Rangoli for poornima

A special rangoli kolam with my dear lotuses for the day of poornima in this marghzali month

Rangoli: Vaikundha ekadasi kolam

a kolam for ekadasi day,in the traditional format,with my i had to rush for the temple,i made it fast so the result is not upto the design i thought of doing.will try it another day to present it in original form.ur views please!