Rangoli: Shri Rama Throne
Rangoli: Beginners Rangavalli

Simple swastik free hand design with additional lotuses

Simple outline of Krishna and his friends playing on swing for the festival

A simple uncolored design with Lakshmi paada for Day2

Happy DeepavaLi Smile ... A simple freehand rangavalli with earbud technique

Rangoli: Shri Rama Throne

One of my Guruji, who writes Ramayana in simple words, told after Rama returning to Ayodhya, during the PaTTabhisheka a golden plate with 108 holes was made to hold as seive (jaalari) to pour all the holy water, milk, etc as abhisheka to lord Rama and mother Seetha. I used the same dot pattern draw this Throne in PhotoShop
Jai ShriRama Rangoli 108 dots: Shri Rama Throne by anirudh

Rangoli: Beginners Rangavalli

Rangoli 6 x 6: Beginners Rangavalli by anirudh

Rangoli: Easy rangavalli for beginners

Rangoli 7 x 7: Easy rangavalli for beginners by anirudh

Rangoli: Simple Chariot for Rathasapthami

Rangoli 9 X 18: Simple Chariot for Rathasapthami by anirudh