Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Border koal.
Rangoli: Karthigai Deepam
Rangoli: Canvas embroidery
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: stitching cards

This is a greeting card made by me. Embroidary threads are used here.

Rangoli: round design

I have started doing hutch work embroidary on my daughters salwar. In the half finished stage it does looks like a kolam (Ellaikolam by Rajjamma madam) so had a snap

Rangoli: kolam done by embroidary

I had tried out a kolam design in embroidary work.

Rangoli: Macramme door hanger

Sudden thoughts came to me and started preparing macramme things. In the list now this is the door hanger prepared by macramme.

Rangoli: Crackle medium

This is a painting method called crackle medium.
This can be paint in any surface. This can be used as back ground or else good colour combination can make a just wall hanger. I pasted Ganesha in the center. Flower arrangements can also be done in the center instead.
This is for arts and crafts session.

Rangoli: Macramme wall hanger

This is a macrame wall hanger. Done by me
this is for arts and crafts session

Rangoli: Hand made silk cushion

This hand made cushion is done by me
Smocking is done on the backside of the cloth and cotton is filled with.

Rangoli: Naveen's summer holiday works

These are the summer holiday work done by Naveen:
1. quilling work on a photo framme.
2. Art work by mseal and 3d effect
3. paper designing work