Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Border koal.
Rangoli: Karthigai Deepam
Rangoli: Canvas embroidery
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli
Rangoli: flat kolam

I am always worrying that the floor is white in colour.So I cannot put kolams likewise.
On seeing Rajamma mams brown colour kolam, i got idea and triedout with a little flat kolam.
Of course, i have to allot space for my pretty plants, janglee jinglee terracota and then a little space is left for kolam.
O.K. done. This is dotted kolam with 9-1.

Ammu ippo purinjutha nan ean q.kolam, e.kolam ellamnu..............(are you clear why i shifted to q.kolam and e.kolam?).

Rangoli: dotted rangoli

This is dotted rangoli with 17-1.
very miled colours are used here.
It is at the enterence of firstfloor steps at my house.

Rangoli: dotted Rangoli

This is dotted kolam. 16-2-2 is the dotts.
This kolam is drawn at my pooja room. So i used pure rice powder and turmeric power to colour. A little rose powder is used. This I am having separatly to put lotus on Fridays.
So simple colour kolam.

Rangoli: quilling envelops (q.kolam)

These are all the envelops i had done with quilling.

Rangoli: karthigaideepam

These are the deepam i decarated in my coridor for Karthikaai deepam day. viji

Rangoli: Quilling

This is another q. kolam. This time i had done it on a plate and decorated with 3d outliner.

Rangoli: quilling kolam

I used to do embroidary and we call it embroidary kolam.(E.kolam)
Now i have done this by quilling. Tell me what name can be called this kolam?

Rangoli: happy diwali

Friends,(pachaipudavai chingucha and neelkamal and for other all ikolam friends)
Happy diwali.