Rangoli: Ugadhi kolam
Rangoli: Aptmt kolam
Rangoli: water rangoli
Rangoli: pookkolam
Rangoli: aarti plate with border
Rangoli: Roadside kolam
Rangoli: Sanskar Bharti Diwali Rangoli

This is the sanskar bharti diwali rangoli put in front of my son - d.i.l's house in Mumbai. This was done by a proffessional.

Rangoli: flower kolam for Diwali contest

A simple flower kolam with available colours [more of reddish shades].

Rangoli: Padikkolam

This is a padikkolam put by my downstairs neignbour for Navratri in the basement.

Rangoli: daily kolam

This is another daily kolam. This is done by many others also. still......

Rangoli: Rangoli

This is a rangoli done in one of the department in DRDO Bangalore by the staff.

Rangoli: aarti plate

The same aarti plate, a closer view. Thanks jayanthy. Would have sent as a collage of both pics as the downloaded fotoscape got deleted when the comp crashed]. Sorry.


This is another kolam b4 the golu, done by someone else.

Rangoli: make up kolam

This is the light make uped version of Brindha's kolam.