Rangoli: Ugadhi kolam
Rangoli: Aptmt kolam
Rangoli: water rangoli
Rangoli: pookkolam
Rangoli: aarti plate with border
Rangoli: Roadside kolam
Rangoli: Inspiration kolam

This is an inspiration Rangoli. Guess whose? Yes. Lakshmi's. This kolam I drew with wet maavu for our building navratri celebrations. Purely based on Lakshmi's recent kolam. Added kaavi here and there.

Rangoli: pookkolam

Lazy late lady submitting another onam pookkolam, consoling herself "betterlate than never"....

Rangoli: Navratri kolam

Navratri cum birthday padikkolam done by my neighbour.[It was her hubby's birthday too]

Rangoli: Jaya -ndha kolam

This is also a Copy kolam of Brindha, with addition of 1 layer. will let u know the comments once todays puja is over.Thank you Brindha for giving such nice Alpana designs.

Rangoli: Navratri kolam

This is the kolam I put for Saraswati puja today, in the basement for our common golu.

Rangoli: Navratri kolam

Navratri kolam in the basement of our complex, done by someone else.

Rangoli: Doll decor contest

These marappachis are decorated by me as a part of the vilaiyaadal saamaan for my son's wedding. The panchakacham and the 9 yards draping are done by Jaya Mohan and the turban, angavastram, hair for the lady, jewellery and the accessories for both are made and done by me.

Rangoli: Brinthy kolam

This is not even inspirational, but purely a copy kolam of Brindha. She did it with kolapodi, i did with wet maavu. Thats all. This time I am just reproducing the kolams of ikolam experts.