Rangoli: Ugadhi kolam
Rangoli: Aptmt kolam
Rangoli: water rangoli
Rangoli: pookkolam
Rangoli: aarti plate with border
Rangoli: Roadside kolam
Rangoli: Rangoli

This is the rangoli I put for the start of Navratri. Colour rangoli from me for a change.The dot pattern is quite confusing, so I have not written that.

Rangoli: navratrikolam

Our complex navratri celebrations - today's kolam done by somebody else.

Rangoli: Padikkolam

This is the padikkolam i put today for the building Navratri celebrations. This is not my original design but had seen similar somewhere.

Rangoli: padikkolam

This is the one put for the seemantham function but uploaded a border pattern recently.


This is a triangle kolam. dot count is 12 to 1 in between or 1 to 12 in between.

Rangoli: Another belated pookkolam

Another belated pookkolam made with minimum colour flowers and leaves.

Rangoli: belated onam

sending as usual my belated onam pookkolam.Since flowers were expensive, had to be satisfied with more of leaves.

Rangoli: padikkolam

This is one of the small padikkolams which were put for my daughter's seemantham function last week. I know, the chappals are to be edited, but....... not done... Was Busy with the function, preprations, guests, school etc etc.