Rangoli: Ugadhi kolam
Rangoli: Aptmt kolam
Rangoli: water rangoli
Rangoli: pookkolam
Rangoli: aarti plate with border
Rangoli: Roadside kolam
Rangoli: Wet and dry

Kolam done with wet maavu and the shading with podi..[The wet maavu was noy sticking properly on the granite].

Rangoli: Nee paadhi naan paathi kanne, Adhu neeyinri thoongaadhu penne,

This is a kolam put paadhi- paadhi {50 - 50] by Rajam and me. We did this till 1.30 in the midnight yesterday. Now you have to guess which half is put by her and which by me? We dedicate this kolam to those who tell the correct answer. Come on.... pull up your socks...Your time starts NOW!

Rangoli: padikolam

This is another padikolam - for me it looks Kacha mucha {crowded]. How do you feel?

Rangoli: Butterfly kolam

This is my butterfly kolam put longback and forgot to upload. Recently, a similar butterfly kolam was uploaded. Then I remembered mine.

Rangoli: Collage -2 [Vittenaa paar?]

Lata, I think this time it was less hastlefree compared to the last one.

Rangoli: Daily kolams

This is a small simple kolam with some checks added here and there.

Rangoli: collage kolam

This is my first hand cry and try in making collage.. It really made me try try and try even with lata's easy steps. Something was not happening. once it was both images moving together, next, it was different sizes, then it was not knowing how to copy and attach etc etc. This is by trial and error. Next time, I have to really MAKE it happen. Come holidays... u r in for trouble.

Oooops.... it has not am not for this game......

Lata, what cud be the mistake?

Rangoli: Daily kolams

This is another small kolam put casually during the weekdays.