Rangoli: Chalk kolams
Rangoli: Chalk Kolam
Rangoli: Chalk kolam in Singapore!!!
Rangoli: all beauty as one beauty
Rangoli: Chalk Kolam in Singapore !!!
Rangoli: Chalk kolam with Singapore !!!
Rangoli: Chalk kolam in Singapore!!!

Wish i had some color podi for this kolam ....

Thanks Latha mam, i read that kolam uploading instructions. 2 weeks for uploading a kolam Smile , sorry sorry..
I am not that hardworking just hardly working.

Rangoli: Chalk Kolam in Singapore!

Lately i am not making any new kolams just getting inspired by our ikolam website and making designs.. This kolam is what i call is an amateur padi kolam Smile ... Padi kolam experts please ignore my ignorance ( wow i am becoming rhythmic )...

Anyway i was upset for 2 days that even though i uploaded some of my chalk kolams nothing was published, is that because of the size of the image file, this time i am trying to upload, let me check my luck...

Each kolams in our website has all flavours, simple, elegant, beautiful, rich, colorful, soulful, intelligent, divine, symmetric, traditional, unique and finally inspired ( most of my kolams belong to this category hehehehe )...

I am happy to be part of this website.

Gowri Manohari Narayanan

Rangoli: Chalk kolam in Singapore !!!

Hi All,
Another fav of mine. During my school days in shimla and mumbai, i used to draw(infact scribble) with kola podi in front of our small flat,Usually the north indian type color kolam. I remember once during diwali, my mom made a kolam with green paint. I was admiring that kolam for hours. Then life changed and i was put in a girls hostel in tirunelveli when my dad and mom and kid sister moved abroad for work, Had no chance of making kolam ( another reason is that i grew up like a boy, basketball game and studies stuff) when started going to college from home only i tried making kolam in the mud patch front of our home which amma cleans with fresh cowdung and turmeric water. Mostly learnt from neighbours, amma, books and all my cousins in village.

Now getting a big cement platform but no kola mavu Smile ....

As suggested by the forum members will try to use rice maavu , when i have time left from my tiring 12 hour work Sad ..

I think the swastik mark is also wrong in this kolam, all these kolams which i am uploading is from the time i came to singapore ( from jan ) till now. Will correct the swastik mark henceforth.

Take care,
See you all again with another kolam,
Gowri Manohari Narayanan.

Rangoli: Chalk Kolam in Singapore!

I have a feeling that without sanghu and chakaram, i cant make a kolam !!! Smile

This middle lamp kollam is just 5X5, The first kolam my mother taught me when i was 6 years old for my school project, with days and years it has evolved with imagination.

This kollam dedicated to my mom amma, who makes simple and small designs but elegant as her.

She would be surprised when she visits this website entirely dedicated to kolam lovers and women who create magic on doorsteps.

Thanks you all for such wonderful designs.

P.S - My future mother-in-law is also a kolam expert ( heard that she is called by her neighbours as Kola mammi), by this year when i will get married will get more snaps of her designs. This one is also my fiances fav.

Gowri Manohari Narayanan.

Rangoli: Chalk Kolam in Singapore!

Hi All,

This kolam has been appreciated by my chinese neighbours.

They think I am maths professor. I told them, I am just a s/w eng, there are people who make more beautiful designs than this. Agree right :-), Seeing this forum I am really surprised !!!

Rangoli: Chalk Kolam in Singapore!

Hi All,
I am new to this forum. Just recently shifted to Singapore, searched for kola ma, no luck yet, (anyone in singapore can help me to find where to get ), so started using chalk to make kolam,

I make this kolam and take snaps for my fiance to see. Now for this forum members to see.
Waiting for your comments.