Rangoli: Happy onam
Rangoli: Ma kolam
Rangoli: Freehand kolam
Rangoli: kolams

These are 2 simple kolams and also after editing and coloring the 2 kolams with flowers.

Rangoli: Decoration

This is the small arrangements of plastic flowers on the onam day.


On this festival occasion of Onam, I wish every one a very happy and Prosperous Onam.

Rangoli: Athapookalm

This is another pookalam. This is also a computer athapookalam.

Rangoli: Athapookolam

This is a computer Athapookolam. I have done this with the help of Online Indian games.

Rangoli: holi kolam

This is the kolam for holi. It is a PC kolam.

Rangoli: 9x9 rangoli

This is my 9x9 dotted kolam. It is a PC kolam.

Rangoli: simple line kolam

This is a simple line kolam. As usual it is a PC kolam.