Rangoli: Happy onam
Rangoli: Ma kolam
Rangoli: Freehand kolam
Rangoli: small kolam designs

These are three kolam designs drawn in PC. I am using the MS paint.

Rangoli: Decorated Plate

This is a decoration in the plate with flower made by plastic bags.

Rangoli: kanya kolam

This is another kanya kolam .This is a very simple kolam.

Rangoli: PC kolam

This is another PC kolam with colors. Expecting your comments.

Rangoli: flower patch kolam

This is the same kolam of indu maam. I have done this is ms paint. Please tell me your comments.

Rangoli: simple kolam

This is a simple kolam. I have drawn in ms paint.

Rangoli: computer kolam

This is a different design I have tried in the ms paint.

Rangoli: kanya kolam

In this I have combined 4 kanya kolams. I have drawn this is MS paint.