Padma Prakash

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam 11-1 series-3
Rangoli: 11-1 series
Rangoli: Sikku Kolam
Rangoli: New Year Kolam
Rangoli: New Year Kolam
Rangoli: 13 series
Rangoli: KT kolam

This kolam was done on Kitchen Top. The dot count is 10 X 10 equal dots. I liked the design and hence did this. Your views please..........

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam

This is the biggest kolam I can make on a BB. I utilised the complete space of BB and some how able to complete the kolam. your views pls........

Rangoli: Let's go on a cruise

Today morning I was viewing all amazing kolams of our friends. All were soo beautiful, I was feeling myself very bad as I was not able contribute mine. At the same time I was tempted to do something for the cruise. At office I didnt had kola powder nor colours. I had only paper, marker pens, pencil, highlighter pen. Hence I created my own imagination with the help of a basic kolam. The kolam is 9-5 intermediate dots and 2-1 on all the sides. Freindzzzzzzzzz Lets go on a cruise. Imagination about the kolam is left to you all....

Rangoli: Krishna Janmastami Special

This free hand design was done for Janmastami near the main entrance. We dont celeberate this but just worship Lord Krishna. Your views pls....

Rangoli: Krishna Janmastami Special

This cradle I made on sunday 21/8. We do just pooja of Lord Krishna. For that rememberance I did two kolams . This kolam on dining table and sharing with you all.

Rangoli: Fusion kolam

A sikku kolam with 10(4) to 4 dot count. Very easy to draw for beginners. Your views pls.....

Rangoli: Duck kolam

This I got from mykolam blog and tried on the BB. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: BB kolam

This is a 7-1 sikku kolam. I liked this design very much and hence tried on BB. Your views pls........