Rangoli: Rishi Painting
Rangoli: DK-18
Rangoli: DK-17
Rangoli: Painting
Rangoli: DK-16
Rangoli: FH-6
Rangoli: SK-23

This sikku kolam is a padi kolam of 4X4 dots.
I could not login to ikolam since 5 days. Thanks to all for sharing your views. I missed a lot of new kolams also. I'll try to view them at the earliest. Bye all.

Rangoli: SK-22/DK-15

These two simple kolams for daily use. The sikku kolam is from 10-2 straight dots. The dooted kolam is from 8-1 cross dots. Please give your views.

Rangoli: SK-21(15-1)

One more creation for the 15-1 dots collection.
Please give your feedback.

Rangoli: DK-14

My daughter put this kolam in gods room. Dot count is 10-2 straight dots. Please give ur views.

Rangoli: DK-13

Seventh submission for the 15-1 dots collection.

Rangoli: SK-20

One more creation for the 15 to 1 dots kolam. This time it is a chikku pattern.

Rangoli: Wall Hanging

I had done this long back and used to put it beside the main door or just in fornt of the main door. Now as you can see the corner as been eaten by our friends, I not finding time to repair it. Even though it is damaged I wanted share it here, as it is done out of the waste pieces of a velvet cloth used for furnitures.

Rangoli: DK-12

One more creation for the 15-1 collection. Your views please.