Rangoli: Rishi Painting
Rangoli: DK-18
Rangoli: DK-17
Rangoli: Painting
Rangoli: DK-16
Rangoli: FH-6
Rangoli: SK-14

This is my fourth creation for 9X9 theme sikku kolam. Please give views.

Rangoli: WH-2

This wall hanging was done by my daughter Ridhisha in her recent SUPW exam. She took the lid of the plastic disposable boxes, painted on it and gave a frame for it using the K.G.Cardboard. The instructions were given in her school. Please give your views and suggestions.

Rangoli: Wall Hanging

This wall hanging was done by my daughter when she was in 6th standard. Now she has finished 9th. All the designing was done by herself. She did this for a project work on SUPW for the school.

Rangoli: Dotted kolam-5

One more 9X9 kolam.I did not have time to colour it.

Rangoli: SK-13

My second 9X9 kolam. Please give all yur comments. The border also comes in the dots itself.

Rangoli: SK-11

Lata Madam please upload this kolam in my gallery. Previously I had uploaded it in saritha's account without knowing that she had logged in.

Rangoli: DK-4

This is my contribution for the 9 to 9 dots collection.

Rangoli: Rishi's Painting

My son did this drawing and painted it. He kept a painted pot for reference and seeing that he drew the fingure and then painted it.