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Rangoli: Office Rangoli 2
Rangoli: Office Rangoli
Rangoli: Navaratri Padi Kolam
Rangoli: Hrudaya Kamalam
Rangoli: Sticker Kolam
Rangoli: Inspiration Rangoli
Rangoli: Padi Kolam

This kolam is done using wet rice flour on Diwali. I tried the design that I saw in a function.

Rangoli: Diwali Contest 2010 Rangoli

This is a Gujarati Design taken from net. I drew this inside my home as there is no space outside.

Rangoli: Padi Kolam

This one done for Saraswati pooja at home. Small one at the pooja room.

Rangoli: Golu photo

I have kept in two one in standard padi and other one arranged with our furniture and fittings.

Rangoli: Golu 2010

Golu at my home this year. For the contest. Have uploaded two photos. Look forward to your comments.

Rangoli: padi kolam

made at home for ganesh chathurthi using wet rice flour. A small padi kolam at the pooja room