Rangoli: Sona pattern inspired by JKM
Rangoli: The 9 x 9 collection
Rangoli: The 9 x 9 collection
Rangoli: My kuzhal collection
Rangoli: The 9 x 9 collection
Rangoli: Apartment kolam
Rangoli: Grafted pookolam

Straight dots: 10 - 10

Ever since Lata said I could take some time and make some 10 - 10 dotted kolams for this collection I put on my thinking cap and wanted to create my own kolams. Actually Anita is also sitting with a book and pencil, creating a whole bunch of these kolams (hope I am able to make some from her creation for the collection too). I mixed three of my basic kolams - i.e., (1) with the leaves, (2) with the cotton flowers and (3) with the lotus flowers - grafted them all together and created this fusion flower kolam. I know that it looks odd to see a lotus and cotton flower from the same stem but all this is possible only in kolams I suppose. Do let me know what you think about it..

Rangoli: The 10 -10 collection

After Suguna's temptation and Lata's go ahead here comes my first 10 - 10 (straight dots) pookolam. I tried this one on my kitchen top but was not too happy as the kolapodi was sprinkling too far out, leaving a glow for every line I drew and the picture quality was also not to my satisfaction so this is what I landed up with. Hope you all like it. I think I have a few more which I will share if I am allowed to by Lata

Rangoli: Theppa Kulam Thair Kolam

Straight dots: 17 - 17

This was the outcome of a temptation made by Rani to make a thair kolam for Radhasapthami which is tomorrow i.s., 10 Feb. I had to go out this morning and literally forgot about it. After I got back I suddenly remembered and took my book out to see if I could find any such kolams so I also could upload my version of a thair. I found 4 such kolams but had the time to make only this one (this one was the easiest). I was in a hurry to finish as I wanted to upload now itself and though I wanted to experiment with more effects, since there was not enough time I have used the usual effects and finished this one. The bottom of the thair is in the shape of a boat I called it 'Theppa Kulam Thair Kolam'. I hope you like this one and would love to hear your feedback on where I could improve my skills...

Rangoli: Colour Block Kolam

Last Sunday I went to my brother-in-law's house and my niece's 3 yr old son was playing with his toys. He opened a box of colour blocks and wanted me to help him make the designs that were in the given catalogue. I made one design but then I suddenly was overcome with an urge to make my own design. Here is the collage of the before and after of the colour blocks. It was quite unfortunate that the number of different colours were insufficient for me to make a colour symmetric design - so I had to make do with the available numbers and colours to achieve this design which I hope you all like. Kalpu (who is a new member here) my brother-in-law's daughter-in-law said - 'Aunty you will make kolam designs with anything that is available' which explains how passionately in love I am with the art.

Rangoli: Valentine Kolam

Straight dots: 9 - 1

Couple of days ago I had not prepared what kolam to put so I just put dots 9 - 1 and started joining the dots as I pleased and this is the outcome - a Valentine Kolam. The kolapodi which I had bought recently was not of very good quality and though I had mixed rice flour it was not spreading properly so I had to apply the podi again and again to try and achieve a little bit of neatness and here is the final product - your certification is needed here dear friends..

Rangoli: Apartment kolam

Straight dots - 6 - 2

After a long time I was able to click a picture of one of the kolams that I made last week. Once I finished I just played with it a little bit and used a match stick to draw over the design (though it did not come out neatly as I expected it to). Managed to download photoshop on my son's system so I could crop and resize the image and here I am friends after a long gap. Hope you like this one..


Looked through my kolam book for flag kolams but found kolams that were common and did not want to repeat the usual ones so I decided to do something different and hope everyone likes this sketch rangoli.

Rangoli: Tamizhil Puthandu Vazhthukkal (Tamil New Year Wishes)

I put this kuzhal kolam (my first major attempt) for karthigai deepam but was unable to upload it as this was clicked by my friend who happened to share it with me very recently. Thought I'd upload it now to share my best wishes with everyone for a Happy Tamil New Year / Pongal. Kuzhal experts please give me tips as to where I am wrong and what to correct please Smile