Rangoli: Sona pattern inspired by JKM
Rangoli: The 9 x 9 collection
Rangoli: The 9 x 9 collection
Rangoli: My kuzhal collection
Rangoli: The 9 x 9 collection
Rangoli: Apartment kolam
Rangoli: Inspirational Kolam

Yet another of Veni's kolams that inspired me recently ( Her kolam had three separate layers so I made a few changes and connected all the layers. I was so engrossed making it that after I finished I realised that I made it in one colour, whereas it should have been done in different colours to show the different sections, so I redid the whole thing separating every layer with different colours for ease of reference for the learners. I am sure all of you will like it Smile

Rangoli: Advanced chikku kolams - Inspired by Veni

This kolam was done by Veni couple of weeks ago and I decided to redo in on the computer with the different sections in different colours to tempt everyone to make a chikku kolam with ease. The only problem many people find in making a chikku kolam is how to take the lines 'in and out the sparkling bluebells' - sorry, sorry, I meant winding between the dots. correctly (suddenly was reminded of the game we used to play as kids). This way when you see how the different sections are connected then it is quite easy. This is unlike many kolams that deals with only one line right through the entire kolam - well that is a brain-teaser for sure. Enjoy friends Smile

Rangoli: Marees Inspirational Kolam

As kick-started by Rani and Nithya here is my version of the 'Marees Inspirational kolam'. I made a few changes as I changed the shape symmetry on the outer circle which I made mention of earlier on the original one. I could not find enough time to spare to make this one look better than what it is. Wish I could - anyway hope all of you enjoy it including Marees Smile

Rangoli: Inspirational Kolam

Straight Dots: 15 - 1

This is one of Veni's kolams ( which inspired me recently. I changed the central portion and made a new kolam. I put this kolam in my balcony to welcome a couple of friends who came home last week - but had a really tough time trying to spread the kolapodi on that smooth surface as the wind was trying to blow away my strokes as soon as I put them. I finally managed to complete it (not to my satisfaction though). My friends liked it very much - hope you all like it too Smile

Let the game begin again, after a long gap!
(I hope the friends who had seen this in person would not give away the answer). Can you guess who made this? Smile

Rangoli: Advanced chikku kolams

This is another attractive kolam that I copied from Aval Vikatan. Dot count is visible in the kolam itself. This is a two line kolam and I have shown each line in a different colour for ease of reference. I chose pink and blue because I feel it is one of the best combination of colours.

Rangoli: Computer padi kolam??

This was one kolam that I had created sometime in May 2009 and forgot about it. Today when I was going through some old files I found this one and decided to upload it.

Rangoli: Inspired from the Indigo dyed cloth

I had made this one long long ago and as usual forgot to upload it (reason I dont know myself). Today when I saw the original uploaded, I searched and found my version and am uploading now. I separated each design to make 9 individual designes using different colours to distinguish each one of them and also flipped the same image to change the entire look. Made a collage of both the kolams and uploading now for you all to enjoy. Hope Lata will upload this immediately ??

Rangoli: Kutty collection of chikku kolams

Here are a few 4 - 4 straight kolams which I am sure many of you would already know. This is another set from my collection of tiny kolams - hope you enjoy it Smile