Rangoli: Sona pattern inspired by JKM
Rangoli: The 9 x 9 collection
Rangoli: The 9 x 9 collection
Rangoli: My kuzhal collection
Rangoli: The 9 x 9 collection
Rangoli: Apartment kolam
Rangoli: Kutty poo kolangalin anivaguppu - 3 (collage of kutty poo kolams)

Another set of poo kolams, dotted for a change for people with limited space. These can be coloured too. I am sure many of you will enjoy this..

Rangoli: Kutty poo kolangalin anivaguppu - 2 (collage of kutty poo kolams)

Teeney weeney poo kolams for teeney weeney spaces. These can be used as decoratives too to fill empty spaces in big kolams.. (again Lata to excuse me)

Rangoli: Kutty chikku kolangalin anivaguppu - 1 (collage of kutty chikku kolams)

Tiny chikku kolams for small spaces. Lata please excuse me it this is not combined correctly as this collage was done ages ago but not uploaded for some stupid reason (can't remember what).

Rangoli: Advanced Pookolam

Straight dots 9 - 9

Here comes another swastik kolam accompanied by hearts and butterfly like structures. Actually this was a different design in the original with some modifications I landed up with this design...

Rangoli: Chikku kolams

Straight dots 7 - 1

A collage of two simple 7 - 1 chikku kolams. Both are cute and unique. I think the first one I copied somewhere from the internet - not sure where...

Rangoli: Swastik Pookolam

Straignt dots: 8(2) - 2

A simple swastic pookolam which I am sure many of you would know. This can be extended to bigger multiples too....

Rangoli: Suganthy Mohan's paper quilling kolam

Whoever started this ball rolling needs a pat on the back as things like this only makes ikolam alive and buzzing with activity. I have been so busy through the weekend and could not spare even a minute to sit and work on this. I remember seeing that Sunday was the deadline but I could not complete it before that. Today I had some time on to spare so I sat down in front of the computer at around 12.28 pm (to be exact) and now it is 3.59 pm as I upload the (almost) replica of Suganthi's kolam. I could not spend enough time to get it more perfect so I decided to upload it as it is. Though certain places look really nice the rest needs some more fine tuning. The only deviation from the original design I made was on the number symmetry. Hope you all like this Biggrin

Rangoli: Chikku kolam

Straight dots: 9 -1

Chikku kolams - my anyday/anytime favourite... Just wanted to illustrate on photoshop the separate section of this chikku kolam I made recently for the benefit of learners. Hope I have made it easy enough...