Rangoli: Happy b'day Dr.Rekha!
Rangoli: World Water day - March 22
Rangoli: Mandana-Rajasthani rangoli
Rangoli: Rangoli - rice paste
Rangoli: Rangoli design
21-11 dot grid

You could print this file by clicking the print dots label you see at the bottom of the page. The dot grid is 21-11, interlaced style (idukku pulli).

Rangoli: Anbusangeeth's requested Dotted Kolam

Here is the requested Dotted kolam that had ducks and fishes.
The dot count is 21 - 11, interlaced dots (idukku pulli).
I quickly drew this diagram to show the dots and the basic patterns, that fits within the grids.
I'll upload the printable version of the dots separately, so that anybody could take a print out and try it out.

Bluebells Rangoli

This is my animated version of the Bluebells kolam. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: Magenta or Black rangoli

I had worked on this rangoli about a month ago (saw a part of this design on a pillow cover in a store). I was working with both colors simultaneously, just to get a feel for the design. I deleted the pink/magenta design and was going to work on completing the black one, but one of my family member saw what I was doing, and went on to argue with me, with the idea that magenta looks better than the black. So, "black" should be deleted. I am a big fan of black colors, so I couldn't do it. I'm going to go with what majority of our members say here. Typing one word will do; either "black" or "magenta" (what ever color you mention here, is going to be a keeper). Thank you in advance Smile

Rangoli: Rangoli with flowers

A rangoli made using flowers from our backyard. Flowers used are Geranium (red), roses, Gardenias and Nerium, and daisies too. Leaves are hibiscus leaves.

Rangoli: Chikku Kolam

A dotted Chiku kolam. Dots: 13 to 3.


People call this pattern Brahma's knot. It is a dotted kolam. An advanced design which is an extension of this pattern could be found at:

Hope you enjoy it! Smile

Rangoli: Chair and an animal rangoli

Boo hoo hoo!! No one guessed my name for the "guess who" game!! Some one suggest a good therapist!