Intermediate rangolis

Kolam and Rangoli share their commonality with the sand art of the native indians of America. A very complex physical and mathematical three dimensional exersise in bifurcation curve is involved in the kolam composition making it a highly evolved art from of Physics! These patterns are a bit bigger and challenging than those seen in the easy and simple catagory.

Rangoli: Lotus line kolam

Padi kolam

Rangoli: Sree Devi kataksham / Lakshmi Kadaksham

This is a kolam drawn in pooja rooms to honour Sree Devi. Auspicious symbols like "Om" are...

Rangoli: Stitch - the turtle rangoli

"Stitch" - our turtle, was born with an extra pair of legs which makes it the fastest turtle...

Rangoli: Hanuman kolam

Hanuman- The monkey god

Hanuman is a god of supernatural powers, who...

Rangoli: Twirly rangoli

Please click on the blue arrow located at the bottom of the dot grid, to view the...