Margazhi chikku Rangoli

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Can use different colors for chikku  kolams it looks pretty good 


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Beautifully made chikku kolam in color!



We'd like to run an experiment on your account, mostly to understand/fix the naming issue with your files. Could you please stop using the current account, temporarily, and create a new account...preferably with a new name? (example - "sasikalaN" or "sasikalaNarayan" or something of that sorts?). We would like to see if the author name automatically renders fine when you upload in your new account. If the name appears the way it should, then after a few days, we will merge your account with old one, so all rangolis are maintained in one consolidated account/folder. Hope that makes sense. We appreciate your patience with us while we explore more workaround options. Please let me know if you have any questions either via email or here in comments.

Thank you,