21-11 Nadu (Sandu) Pulli Star and Diamond Kolam

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Made this kolam today evening. Please share your comments Smile Smile

Rangoli: 21-11  Nadu (Sandu) Pulli Star and Diamond Kolam


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beaituful kolam..looks soft and sweet

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Good.... Smile

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Pretty one Srividhya dear... but why do I get the feeling I have seen this before... Blum 3

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Hello Mam,

I learnt this kolam from my sister-in-law when I went to chennai, and she learnt this kolam from her servant who puts daily kolam outside every house where she works. May be this is a common kolam so it may appear seen.

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Beautiful and soft looking kolam.

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Wow....superb kolam srividhya.... Smile

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Srividhya, you have learnt a nice dotted design kolam. Neatly drawn. You could have colored in the outer ring also.
Want to learn a little different design with the same dot count?
http://www.ikolam.com/node/3188 Smile

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Really mam the kolam was really nice with nice colored border. Thank you for teaching me.

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Rajamma mam,

I want to learn idukku pulli kolam which is in hexagon shape.
I can easily put dots like 15-8 pulli kolam.
But, when it is idukku pulli kolam in hexagon shape for example 25-13 (interlaced dots)pulli kolam I dont know where to start the pulli and how to end it because the pulli's are slanting from bottom to top. The pulli on the top appears like a triangle. Is there any tutorial to learn how to keep this pulli's.

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Srividhya, I'll definetly help you in drawing idukku pulli kolams. Just wait, I'll upload some drawings in cafe coloumn.Ok?

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Thank you so much mam Smile

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Srividhya, just see your hridhaya kamalam kolam. I have given comment with two old kolam references which you click on the node number to get the picture, which will be helpful..

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Thank you mam so much Smile

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Very nice kolam.