All that glisters is gold! rangoli

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Here is a rangoli made of "gold", and the basic motif was borrowed from another basic pattern;

Sometimes, all that glisters is gold!

I was in need of new coasters a few months back, and I think this is exactly what I had in mind Smile

Rangoli: All that glisters is gold! rangoli


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This is very beautiful Lata. I don't know where to start if I have to learn to do this rangoli. Very nice.


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wow very nice kolam and very difficult kolam.

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wow, excellent kolam. I know that it's difficult and if we make it in floor it will be really hard.

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This is indeed a beautiful paDikOlam! I like the connections between the opposite ends. The outside border aptly gives another series of steps for the paDikOlam!

Regards! - mOhana

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Sometimes, all that glisters is gold!but not always.but gold is always a prove it.what else tell?

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wow!! it is looks like bamboo weaving!!! excellent kolam.....

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Lata,very nice and looks brilliant.:)

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superb one romba nanna irukku

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lata mam, this kolam looks very nice than the one i drew on mud floor following the same outer design, but this really looks lovely more!

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Nice pattern symbolising the forth coming Karthigai Deepam

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Very artistically done lata ma'am I remember I had done a maa kolam somewhat similar to this... I wonder what happened to that....

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The flames look like they are studded with stone. It's really awesome lata!

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Dumbstruck after seeing this Lata - has a leathery look to me - rich beautiful colours and the padikolam is mindblowing Smile

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wow amazing work Dirol