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This special rangoli is for students, it is created by lakshmi,pinky and myself to wish all the students, all the best for their exams.we have drawn all mathematical signs like +,-,X,÷,%,^,v,<,>,=,( ),[ ],π,√,∑,θ,?,∆,
1 to 9 numbers,circle,half-circle,rectangle,square,double implies.

your views & suggestions are welcomed....

bharathi,lakshmi & pinky...



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Super maths kolam, students will be dreaming all these features now. All the best for the exam goers.

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Nice idea Smile

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nice design with maths symbol.congratulation to all of you.

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Bharthi, nice idea at the time of board exams! Very nicely done using a lot of symbols. Whose idea was this? Very well executed!

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excellent mathis kolam, students please don't confuse with these symbols, all akkas are testing your knowledge, prove that you are all securing 100/200 in Mathas, all the best

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State First for three of you in kolam making Lakshmi, Bharathi and Pinky.. This is absolutely stunning. An absolutely novel idea and wonderfully executed. It has come out so well with perfect symmetry. The blue looks really beautiful.. ALL THE BEST TO ALL THE STUDENTS WHO ARE WRITING THEIR BOARD EXAMS Smile

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super idea no words to explain . full maths kolam. hope you are all maths lovers even i am a math lover

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Good idea,you experts can try the Chemistry symbols too in your Rangoli format

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What an idea madamji's your maths kolam is really great.

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Bharathi maam what a beauty this is and a fancy idea of using math.. one of the subjects I hated cos i was bad at it.. but this math kolam, i loved it

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Very neatly presented. Congrates to the Vadapalani team

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Maths kolam looks great.

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The design is pretty, but the symbols take me into a "tension filled land". Smile

Bharathi, busy life? It has been very busy for me too. Smile

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Really wonderful ideas you get bharathi,lakshmi & pinky.. Great way to wish the wards a great success in their exams !!'s picture

Good idea nice colour combination